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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What is the Food and Meat Co-op? 

We are a group made up of individuals, couples and families that want to eat well, save money and desire to support the local economy as much as possible while acquiring great deals in bulk foods. We do this with the power of collective group buying. By being a part of this concept, you unlock the ability to get more direct access to food and with that direct accessibility, comes the bonus opportunity to get great deals! 

In the end, a fun and accurate way to describe the co-op is like a mobile farmer's market, grocery pickup service and wholesale buying club in one! 

2.  How does the Food and Meat Co-op work?  

It's very simple! 

We are a direct-to-consumer wholesale group buying club for the local community, and primarily sell in bulk. We source foods of all kinds, primarily meats. We have NO brick and mortar shop, but instead work by pickup locations at different times in the month. We bring refrigerated trucks to your county on specific days/times/locations each month where you will need to meet this truck in the posted parking lot to pick up your order on site. 

3. How can I order or be included in an upcoming food pickup? 

We have a sale each month on various foods. You can find our most popular products, our gluten-free foods and our organic line available each month.

Then each month includes a "theme" with specialty products only offered for that month.

Each sale is open for about 2-weeks before the pickup dates. You will want to secure your foods here on our website by ordering them in that 2-week window and select a pickup location that you intend to pick up at. 

We also have a live sale once-a-month that includes overstocks, clearances, misships of foods found all around the state. We "rescue" these foods and include them in our monthly sales to help this food not go to waste. The foods in this category are up to 90% off! 

4. Where do the foods, produce and meats come from? Is everything local? 

Throughout the year, we have many bulk food buying opportunities, so we do not have a one-size-fits-all on this question. We do disclose as much information as we can on each individual product. So if there is a product you are looking at, you will want to read the details on that product page.  

However, this is our normal process for product procurement: 1. Sourcing 100% local from beginning to end is our top priority. 2. Sourcing from local producers or suppliers that may have aspects of their products or process that are outside of the area, but still supports local business in some way. 3. Every once in a while, we get outside of this regions products entirely, but we still try to get them close over the borders of the neighboring states (we've done Idaho potatoes, Colorado produce, etc), but regardless, every product's distribution or process positively affects Wyoming businesses even if it is through a distributor, or a local co-op family business that is directly serving you or other family-based business in Wyoming and Utah. 

We strive diligently to work on bringing products that have the most overall benefit for our community, even if in terms of your budget and your personal family finances, which, in turn, has a great positive effect for our state. 

5. Do your meats contain antibiotics, hormones, steroids or any other artificial ingredients? 

Thus far, we have been able to source meats that have no added hormones or steroids and are antibiotic free. In most cases, the meats are natural. Some meat products are seasoned or cured and in this process will have additional added ingredients. 

For specific information on each product, you will want to read the details of that product on its product page. 

Please note, quality and natural, in addition to as local as possible, are the top priorities in our meat sourcing. Exceptions can be made on special buying opportunities for products the group would like to bring in to buy at a group buying discount! 

6. Do you have discounts? 

Yes! Out the gate, no matter what, you are saving between 20-50% on retail prices on every product we sell! The point of our co-op is to get really good food for cheaper. 

However, if you are asking about further discounts, there will be opportunities that arise, including overstocks where a local supplier has too much of something and will give us a bigger than normal discount. We pass those savings onto you and you will want to be on the newsletter and text message alerts to know when this happens as the supply generally goes FAST. 

Finally, we are putting programs in place that will be announced in the near future that allows for frequent buyers in our co-op to save even more each time they order. We believe in loyalty as we are a community that supports each other and so those that are committed will have more savings opportunities to be announced soon! 

7. How can I help this co-op? 

It brings us so much joy to answer this question! And along with savings, comes the natural response of many to want to help the community as a whole! There are MANY ways that you can help our co-op, including volunteer help! Please email us at cassieinwyoming@FoodAndMeatCoop.com or fill out this form to find out how your specific skills/resources/business can help our community!  

Don't see a question you have answered above? Please email us at cassieinwyoming@foodandmeatcoop.com and send your question! We may even include it in our FAQ's in the future. :) 


Cassie and Team