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Refund Policy

Refund policy


We would love to be able to accommodate all refunds as requested for the full amount. 

However, cancellations do disrupt the chain in our process and cause an expense for us to find a replacement order or absorb the product.

In addition, as an unfortunate part of online transactions, there are fees which occur even if there is a full cancellation. For this reason and to help us continue offering exceptional costs for our community,  we offer two options from which you may choose:

  • Receive an electronic GIFT CARD for 100% of your total order amount which may be used on any future purchases with Food and Meat CoOp.
  • Receive a REFUND for 90% of your order amount directly to your original method of payment which allows the Food and Meat CoOp the remaining 10% as a restocking fee to help cover expenses related to canceled orders.



A “Catch Weight” item is a product offered with a variable weight.

For example: Turkeys advertised as “20-22lbs” means that we will receive Turkeys which our supplier says will vary in weight between 20-22lbs. 

*There is a possibility your item could be outside of the posted range*


When you place your order: Food and Meat Co-op initially charges at the highest weight identified by the Supplier, notes the weight of the item each individual receives at pick up and then processes the difference for anything less than the weight charged.


As of March 7, 2022, the difference will be issued as follows:

  • Up to and including $10.00 - Customers will receive an electronic GIFT CARD on their account which can be used on any future purchases with Food and Meat CoOp.


  • Greater than $10.00 (yes, even at $10.01) - Customers will receive a REFUND to the original payment method used when the order was placed.
    • Our platform can process the refund without Food and Meat Co-op having access to your credit card information, thereby ensuring the safety and security of your financial information.



If you are not satisfied with your product, please send a picture and detailed description as soon as possible to cassieinwyoming@foodandmeatcoop.com

We will do our best to find a mutually satisfactory resolution. 

Regrettably, we cannot accept returns once you have received an item.

You can contact us for any other questions, concerns, or give feedback at cassieninwyoming@foodandmeatcoop.com.